This is something that it is so easy in today’s world to lose sight of, and while he doesn’t say it verbatim – I’m confident that MMM gets it more than most!



Recently my family and I have been going through a very difficult time, I can’t discuss details publicly but suffice to say it’s the hardest point in both our marriage and my time as a father. This is the type of thing that will truly and painfully test the faith of the most faithful follower of the lord.


Self-reflection in daily life is difficult, we run through the grind of life – even in FI world – because there are only so many hours in a day and we all know it’s easy to fill them and wonder where they all went. While the MMM blog is known for “badassity” and living the hard path of life, what it also represents is what is truly important in life. At least that is my fresh take on it after some reflection.


What you have is an efficient engineer who realized what is most important to himself very early on in life, and structured his world in a way to maximize that – then turned around and created a website that housed the framework for others to do the same. So what exactly did he figure out that most of the world had missed???


Time. But not just idle time, time with your loved ones. Your wife. Your kids. Your family. That is by far the most important thing in this world and it is a limited commodity that though we think we do – most of us don’t put nearly enough value or emphasis on it. I recently spent 7 days without my mobile phone and all it’s social media connections/links to the world at large, and those same 7 days were spent without my wife/kids (though I did speak with them, I wasn’t present to hold them). This may be normal for some people, but for me, I have never been away from my kids for more than 3 days in their young lives and never away from my wife for more than 2 days… So in my world, it was a big deal.


Spoiler alert: I did not miss my phone or social media.

I did very much miss my wife and kids, hugging and holding them all.


It’s been about 3 weeks not since then and I’ve been trying to find a way to put those feelings into words, but the ability to articulate still escapes me. What I can tell you is this, Pete (MMM) knew long before me that he wanted to spend every waking moment with his family – and he found the path that worked best for him to do so, even before the man’s son was born from what I understand.


He may have gone about it in an extreme way, but extremes are what garner attention and get things done so I can’t fault him for that in any way. At this point, I don’t see his blog as a frugality center as much as it is a place to get in line with what you should/likely do truly value in this world. Family.


This isn’t meant to be a teaching post, it’s just me sharing my feelings and thoughts with you all out in the internet world because I feel like it’s important.


Most everybody will tell you that their family is what matters most in life, but have you made choices in accordance with that mantra?


Is there room to optimize your life so that you can spend more time together?


I hope you’ll visit the MMM site if you haven’t already and see what I mean for yourself, we only have so much time in this world – and I truly believe that gentleman gets it more than most.

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