Want to win with money? EMBRACE the suck.




I get into two types of discussions with people/friends/family locally on an almost daily basis, even more often when I have the privilege of making a new acquaintance.

  1. I see you must work out a lot, how can I get in shape really quick? Just eat protein? Or (insert any fad diet) Keto?
  2. XYZ person told me you are really good with money and like to help people out. How can I get rich quick? Also what “passive income” stream or “new business” venture do you think would be best?


I have been there too, not that many years ago with money. Almost 20 years ago with the whole “workout” thing.


For a long time, I would go into this long drawn out explanation because I am passionate about both topics. That loses people every time though. It’s just so much information, I would firehose people without realizing it.


Now I almost always start out with “To get started, you need to really be ready to EMBRACE the suck”. Making major life changes will not be “fun” at first.


This has almost become a pre-qualifier or sorts for my firehose like data dump. I am absolutely no guru on either topic, but I know enough to be dangerous and have an absolute passion for helping people change their lives.


So what do I mean by embrace the suck? I have said before that the comfort zone is your enemy and that is part of it, the natural human evolution is to chase more comfort on a daily basis. Think about it, cell phones/social media/food delivery/everything delivery ( = In the last 20 years we have sought to outsource almost every uncomfortable task in life short of going to work every day and using a fork to eat food. Even the recent growing contingent of those chasing “FI” (Financial Independence) are looking to work only by choice and at times of their choosing, so food may very well be the final frontier of required tasks. There is nothing wrong with evolution and making life easier, but the constant chase of that makes us all have a very hard time doing actual HARD things.


The bottom line is if you want to get in shape, you will have to clean up your diet and start exercising. If you haven’t been doing either of those things then rest assured IT WILL SUCK for you. I don’t mean in the very beginning when motivation is at an all-time high and you are ready to take the bull by the horns and rock this thing, everybody can eschew reality when they get that temporary tunnel vision. Noooooo, what I am talking about is when week 3 comes around and you have to choose between meeting friends for pizza or going to the gym. The pizza night will be fun, but it’s a slippery slope and the gym – especially when you are tired and sore will probably SUCK. It’s at that time you have to dig in and EMBRACE the suck. Just go in and get it done.


There is a monstrous correlation with fitness and money when it comes to embracing the suck. I would argue money requires even more discipline.

My simple reasoning for this is because you will feel better and look better within a month or two of starting a serious fitness journey, the results and real and tangible. They aren’t social media world instant fast but still seem to be real and measurable – also noticeable by everyone you see/interact with daily. One single compliment goes a long way to motivate your fitness journey, anybody who tells you otherwise is lying to you!


When it comes to money though, a couple months is a drop in the proverbial bucket, you can make major changes in your daily life that will feel extremely taxing to you and see virtually no progress on paper (or more accurately “screen”). Nobody will come up to you and say “Jim, your bank account is looking rather plump these days. Good job!”. That just won’t happen, and you won’t get that jolt that would come more easily on your fitness journey.


This long term attitude of embracing the suck get’s more important when you have a bigger debt hole to climb out of or smaller income to dig your way through with. For everybody that envys a doctor who comes out of med school in his first year making 6 figures, remember he likely has a 300-500k hole to work from. If you understood the time value of money, that would make you more envious of the plumber with 20k in trade school debt and 60-80k right around the corner.


There is no magic bullet for embracing the suck. The more time you take to learn and plan upfront the more likely you will be to succeed long term. But paralysis by analysis can creep up on you as well. EASILY.



We live in a very consumer centric society, the freedom and ability to attain good information has never been better thanks to this interweb thing and it get’s better almost every single day. But because we are all set on consuming all the time, which is undoubtedly easier, we forget to CREATE. To DO. To Start!


You can’t begin to embrace the suck if you don’t actually start doing it. The time to act is now. When I meet somebody locally these days or an old friend starts a new journey I will now make it a point to check in via text/email/FB or something to make sure they know somebody cares and is trying to hold them accountable. It takes less than 10 seconds these days to check in on somebody, I can’t do it for a great number of people and we all have time limits so that is the real reason I created this platform. Absolutely NOTHING on earth feels better than helping somebody get started down a good path to better their lives, that is something I only truly began to understand once I had made some good decisions of my own and reaped the benefits of those. So what do you think, will you embrace the suck? Please let me know your thoughts below in the comments, thank you for reading! 










  1. Captain DIY on August 10, 2018 at 10:42 am

    Wow, yep. As far as fitness goes, there is no better way to put it than embrace the suck. I think, however, that it is harder with fitness than money, because with money at least you have a very tangible number that either grows or shrinks, depending on which side of zero you’re on. With fitness, at least for someone with the highly popular generalized goal of “get more fit” there aren’t such obvious markers. Sure there’s weight loss and weight lifted, so perhaps I have no idea where I’m going with this. I mean, I definitely don’t, but I enjoyed your article! Keep it up!

    • Beau Wilson on August 20, 2018 at 9:44 am

      Glad you enjoyed the article! Everybody takes measurable metrics differently, it’s all about what matters to you my friend.

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