Visionairies are known for changing the world.



When I say “Execution” you may think of this guy…



Both of those are fair assumptions. But what if I told you Steve Jobs only succeeded because he was a GREAT executioner?


It is the same in almost every business that has made an impact or even gotten off the ground to enjoy any level of success in the marketplace today. Having a vision is thought of as the key to entreprenuership, if you read any business book or turn on Bloomberg for long enough you’ll see CEO’s lauded as visionairies.


Vision is imporant.


But it is absolutely WORTHLESS without execution. If you are around the business world long enough, and sometimes even at a campfire on a winter weekend with friends, you will hear some phenomenal ideas. Things that make you believe that “thing” or “process” could really work as a business. Aaaaaaannd that’s usually the end of it, right there.


Execution is everything.


It was for Steve Jobs as well, people just don’t flock to the headline “Steve Jobs is the ultimate EXECUTIONER!” like they do to the same tagline ending in “Visionairy”. It doesn’t really have a nice ring to it. But what comes from people leaving out a word like that is they forget that vision is nothing without execution. It’s literally and figuartively worthless.


Log on to instagram or any popular social media network and you will see a plethora of young business coaches posting inspirational and motivational quotes, claiming they can lead you to succeed.


There is nothing wrong with this.


But you wouldn’t hire a fat personal trainer at the gym would you? Of course not.


So make sure that if you are going to take business advice from somebody that they have actually succeeded in business to some decent level.



This success should not only include succeeding in telling you what to do. That would make them an amateur, and not likely to add any real value to your business or life.


Some true success stories that I enjoy learning from via social media are Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett. Both of them have built companies to extreme success before ever tackling the social media world. Andy did it with a company called 1st Phorm and a lesser known albeit extremely successful supplement chain called “Supplement Superstores”. Ed Mylett did it through World Financial Group, which I don’t know enough about to discuss – but he’s clearly extremely successful and a great public speaker.


I’m nowhere near the level of success those above guys have achieved, but I have built a solid business on my own before starting to write about wealth building and that should be the minimum that you look for.


The point of this post is to remind you, vision is nothing without execution.


I strive daily to be an executioner. In the best way possible. So do the guys I mentioned above, and you should learn from them too because they put out some great content. We all need to hear this, myself included from time to time.


Less Talk. More Do.



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