Try robotic behavior, you will be surprised…

Make myself a robot huh? No thanks. I get that response, doesn’t sound fun. But work with me for a minute…


To start off with the obvious, I don’t actually want you to become a robot of course. But doing the same thing over and over again can help you win with money and in other areas of life. So called “good” behavior usually goes against the grain of what comes naturally to most people, see example of healthy eating – If you think of being hungry or food in general is the first thought a protein shake?  Maybe more likely a pizza huh?


You are not alone!



Very few people gravitate to what’s good for them, it’s not in our culture or upbringing in many cases. But rather than climbing the mountain of forcing yourself to make a good conscious decision at every turn why not be a little robotic with your behavior and just repeat for a while? A good example of this is breakfast, for a solid 5 year period in my life my morning meal looked just like this:


1 1/2 cup of steel cut oats

1/2 cup blueberries

 pinch of cinnamon

drizzle of locally harvested honey

            3 whole eggs – 3 whites all scrambled

8oz unsweet almond milk




You might read that meal and think “not terrible but I could never eat the same thing over and over again”, well… It’s easier than you think. Especially if you have a morning routine already, just add to it and the whole thing takes maybe 12 min once you get accustomed to the process.



This isn’t about breakfast though, it’s about life.



You can do the same thing just as easily with your morning workout routine, and of course your finances. In the beginning, you will have to quite frankly just “Embrace the suck” a bit, but good things become routine fairly easily with enough repetition. I do a similar thing with my taxable investing and saving, only on Wednesdays every week. Why Wednesday? No reason really, I just started off that way and continued with it. I currently use Acorns/Betterment/Wealthfront all three in a long-term study to decide which I like best. There is no reason for anyone to use all three, I like Acorns for the mindless savings aspect and Betterment/Wealthfront are currently almost equals in performance – almost comes down to which platform you prefer aesthetically/functionally.





On the same line of reasoning, this really robotic method of working out is a favorite, I use the “SmartWod” app from Itunes. Just plug in a tabata style workout – for example 1 minute of work, 20 seconds rest, 15 rounds – Then Go/Stop as the little app tells you to. It’s a nice form of motivation and the price is right, treat this app like a drill sergeant and it won’t disappoint. I’ve been using this app or something similar for years. You can make the new routine so easy with technology that being a little “robotic” isn’t bad at all. When the app finishes it will even tell you good job in a robot trainer voice, pretty cool.


Automating good behavior has never been easier. Will you give it a try?


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