Ten Money Optimizing Life Hacks That You Can Do Day One

  1. Write down a list of all your monthly expenses on one page and drop the one that gets used least (HULU for example). If you find yourself missing it then just sign up again at anytime, almost every subscription (online especially) is easy come/easy go.
  2. Are you with one of the big 4 US wireless carriers Verizon/AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint? Google your carriers name and the term “MVNO”. You can probably find an MVNO (network reseller) that uses the same cell towers as your current provider for a fraction of the price. For example you could be paying Verizon $150 per month and Xfinity has plans starting at just $12 using the same network.
  3. Shop your auto and home insurance with a local independent agent. They are easy to find, just call around and ask for one with 5 or more markets they can shop. You could save thousands and get the same or better coverage by forgetting about “Good Hands” or fancy lizard commercials.
  4. Do you shop on Amazon regularly and use Prime for free shipping? Whole foods for groceries maybe? What if I told you just by changing your payment method (forget tricky subscribe and save) you can get 5% off EVERYTHING!?!? That is the deal with Amazons prime rewards card. It’s that easy.
  5. Call your cable/internet/satellite TV provider and ask for a discount, threaten to cancel if they say no. If they won’t budge go ahead and let it go, in most areas you have choices and will get a better rate for trying somebody new. Internet is a great example of this, if the speed is similar what do you really care if Comcast or AT&T is the one pumping that glorious wifi into your home? Just make sure you have reasonable options before pulling the plug and don’t be surprised if they call back a couple days later with an even better deal to come back than you originally asked for.
  6. Get a Keurig and skip the coffee shop. Even the most premium Kcups (I’m a fan of the extra potent Death Wish) can usually be had for less than $1.50 and will taste way better than that McCup some people are already thinking about. I’m not one for singly ply toilet paper “frugality” (I hate what frugal has became in todays world) but even budding Billionaire from Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary won’t waste his money on any $5 cup of coffee.
  7. Take your credit card info out of all the online sites you have it saved with and also delete it from Google Chrome/Firefox/Internet Explorer/your browser of choice. It’s easy enough to spend money today, let’s at least go through the pain of reading our your numbers. Automate investing/saving ALWAYS but let’s make spending just a wee bit harder.
  8. Monitor your credit score, and not for the same reason most people think you should. We recommend MyFICO because that’s the number most agencies pay attention to. Whether you are just keeping great credit for credit card reward hacking/investing in real estate/or just making sure your mortgage rates are as low as possible, this is a no brainer. What you shouldn’t do is keep any revolving consumer debt that you pay interest on solely for the reason of bumping your score up, that’s just silly.
  9. Go around your house and unplug electronics that don’t get used on a daily basis, they probably draw a little power all the time which is known as “vampire drain”. That little power drain also hit’s your wallet via the utility bill every single month, and there is no reason for that unjust pain to come your way. Plugging in for every use too difficult? No problem, get a power strip and just flip the switch when you want to use that outlet and all the fun gadgets attached to it.
  10. Look for the generic option with certain supplements and otc drugs. Aller-Tec (Kirkland brand Zyrtec essentially, “comparable to” that is) is what my family uses for allergy medicine and pain free savings is substantial. Another easy example is Kirkland brand fish oil, it will save a bundle versus the designer brands like Barleans.

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