If I Can Just.




We have all heard somebody say this, and 99% of us have said it ourselves.


If I can just get that deal closed.


If I can just make it to the gym 3 weeks in a row.


If I can just make it until Friday the weekend will save me.


If I can just get that 5% raise, then I can start saving money and investing.


If the real estate market will just go down a little bit, then I’ll buy that first rental property.


If the stock market goes down just 5% more overall, then I’ll start investing because it’s at a fair value.


If I can just have this last dessert, Monday morning I’ll start the diet over and make it work this time.


If I can just work at this dead end job 5 more years, then I’ll be able to retire and enjoy life.


If I can just get through this hard quarter my work will become more fulfilling afterward.


How many of those lies have you told yourself? I’m betting more than one if we are being honest.



This is a losing game.

A loser mentality.

It has to stop.



This way of thinking is toxic, just constantly moving the goal post and short term thinking are a recipe for failure. Long term failure that is, which is the worst kind by far. Do you think Elon Musk ever thought “If I can just build this one electric car it will change the future of transportation”? Of course not. He knew it would be a long term goal, and the thought probably went more along the lines of “When I build out Tesla to 1 million vehicles per year delivered, we will have changed the industry of automotive transportation on a fundamental level.”



Can you easily tell the difference in how you feel when replacing “if I can just” with “when I”? It’s a fundamental mindset shift that must occur if you are ever going to have outsized success.



I’m just as guilty as anyone of saying “if I can just” in the past and even recently I’ve caught myself using that same weak minded blurb.



I don’t expect anyone who reads this article to wake up in the morning and never say those words again, that would be unrealistic – myself included. But what if we make a concerted effort to think about it when those four words do arise?



Every time you feel your self about to say it or even THINK “if I can just”, why not say out loud “WHEN I”. No matter where you are or what you are doing. Don’t take this too far and yell out in the middle of your church or college class “WHEN I” but do at least make it verbal to some degree even when the other weak words are just a thought in your head.



Together we will eradicate this scarcity mentality of thinking one step at a time.



If Elon Musk can put a Tesla Roadster in space and capture this amazing photograph to prove in a roundabout way that the world is his oyster and anything is possible….


What can you and I do if we replace “if I can just” with “When I”?

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