Success is habitual. I’m certain of it.

One great day will almost never = Success



If that comes off as depressing then GOOD, hopefully I have your attention. Success, when it comes to your personal financial life, will never be achieved by one good day. You can read every great success story, pump yourself up to no end, run through any good book, and you’ll still not change the game for yourself in one good day.



Thank you for that. Any more bad news?



Not at all, thank you, once you have drilled down on and fully accepted that concept it’s all good from there. The problem is that all day long and for most of our lives we are told success can be had instantly. Overnight. 8 minute abs. Through this “magical” 2 hour real estate seminar. Through a 2 day “life transformation” course. So on and so forth, etc etc….






What does work in one day?



The beauty of freedom is that on or inside of any given day, you can change your habits and develop disciplines that WILL generate some level of future success. Why am I just saying “some level” instead of the usual empty promises of GREAT & FAST success? Simple. Because I’m doing this for fun, not to earn anything from you. I GENUINELY want to help people better their financial lives. That is my main goal with this blog and writing these articles.


I’m not good at it yet, and am well aware of that. But we’ve already reached a few people and positively impacted their lives, which is plenty of fuel for me to keep going.


I’m not going to tell you to buy my book or video, because I haven’t written or made one of those.


Just read this article. It’s free.




Create forward progress, just do ONE thing today to better your financial life. Read one book if you are just starting out, we have an entire recommended reading list – all of these are capable of reframing your mind when it comes to money.


If you are just starting the journey please take 5 minutes and read 5 rock solid rules or the ridiculously easy way to build wealth. These are written for the sole purpose of helping people new to the journey. Be ready to “Embrace the suck“, that’s important. In almost any situation it will require 2 steps back in lifestyle to make one step forward on the wealth building journey. IT IS WORTH IT. I’m sure of that.

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