The stock market is complicated.


Only rich people can afford to invest.


The game is rigged against the “little man”.



Have you heard any of these in the past? Maybe from a friend or relative? You wouldn’t be alone in that, a sadly large portion of Americans feel this way for no other reason than this is what they’ve heard and known to be true.



While that was never true, today it’s easier than ever to invest in the markets with ridiculously small amounts of money. I’m so passionate about people getting started right away that I want to share with you what I feel is the absolute easiest method you can use for the least amount of capital up front. I’m talking small, crazy small. You probably didn’t think this was possible with such small amounts.



Neither did I when first learning of it, and it’s true that in the past it wasn’t. But this is a different world, and the most important thing about investing is – in my opinion – just to get started. Click HERE



The link above takes you to an online site called “Acorns“, this is a newer world of investing that gets you involved in the stock market for around the cost of a latte. I’m not kidding, it’s legitimate and also GREAT for getting started. The minimum investment is $5 at the time of this writing, and they charge a monthly account fee of $1. Plenty of more information is available on their site and if you use the link above, they will GIVE you $5 to get started.



Now, the most pressing question when I tell somebody about this is usually “what am I investing in?”. Great question, it’s access to the same great stocks and bonds that years ago only brokers could sell you – and they do the diversification side of it for you based on the risk profile you select.



The portfolio of choice in this household is “moderately conservative”. Acorns describe it themselves below:


Moderately Conservative


A moderately conservative portfolio is most appropriate for those with short time horizons, close to retirement, or low tolerance for risk. This portfolio has more equity exposure than the conservative portfolio.

You can find the portfolio allocations below.


This is what it looks like on the actual app, broken down by category:



You’ll notice 60% of this goes into bond ETF’s (exchange-traded funds), half of them are government and the other half corporate. The reason for this is that we are ok with seeing this specific investment vehicle grow slowly over time, in a much more conservative manner – and that’s what it should do with this setup.


There are plenty of other risk categories for you can get into, and to put it in extremely simple terms – the more risk you are willing to take, the less they will give you any bond exposure. It really is that simple!


Start your Acorns account and get started on the wealth building journey.


Another great feature about this account is something they do that is called “Round Ups”. Basically, they will round up any money you spend on a linked debit card to the nearest dollar, and invest the rest. It’s that simple, buy a coffee for $1.70 and they will round up to $2, and invest the other 30 cents. Round up’s also features what they call the “Multiplier” feature, which just takes the amount of change they round up to invest and put’s a multiplier on that amount. Multiplier options are currently 2X, 3X, and 10X. It’s a great way to invest more automatically, without making yourself “feel” the pinch of doing so.


I hope if you haven’t started investing yet, or if you have only done something small like the employer match 401k at work, that this article will inform you enough to get started with investing on a regular basis. Click HERE to start your journey with Acorns, or if you feel more comforatble you can download the app directly via Itunes.


“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is today”.  – Chinese Proverb

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