This area has absolutely nothing to do with politics to be clear, I just wanted an area to share quick thoughts and sometimes current events that don’t necessarily need their own post. Calling it a “Rant” seems to imply no thought went into what is said so this is my way of saying “Here are my thoughts” for the day.

If you made this far through the blog I want to take a moment and personally thank you for taking the time to read my information. Personal Finance is something I’m passionate about because it’s one of the very few areas in life that for little to no “pain” you can create a much better future not only for yourself in the present tense but generations of family moving forward. Money doesn’t have to be this mythical and awkward topic of conversation that you avoid until there is a problem, instead it can be a great source of strength in your life that provides joy and utility.

In it’s most simple form wealth is just a tool that in this world can buy you more freedom or comfort should you so desire it, nothing more and nothing less. Forget the big house or the flashy cars, those are what society has came to view as “symbols of success” but let’s think about the guy/girl you see at your local coffee shop just quietly reading a book when you are rushing in to work – imagine that person is financially independent and can stay there all day if that’s what floated their boat. Absolute freedom and limitless choices, that is the true utility that wealth provides and by far the most valuable commodity that you will find over the years – TIME.

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