This is a great and easy book to read. If you want to have a simple journey to financial independence then this book can be a “one and done” type of thing for anybody.

Most people only know Tony Robbins as a life coach/guru but he is a tremendously successful businessman and investor. This book does a great job of breaking down why Tony believes in indexing and how some of the most successful investors in history have achieved success.

Most people think wealth is easy to spot. Giant House + Mercedes Benz = Wealthy Individual. That equation is wrong on so many levels it’s not funny. Thomas Stanley shows you just how wrong that is and some of his study results will blow your mind.

No matter your views on money today, this book is certain to change them if even in the slightest way. There is a reason it’s been around so long and recommended by so many professionals over the years. Short and to the point, this information is truly timeless.

Jesse Itzler has led one of the most interesting lives you have likely never heard about. This book is all about getting comfortable being uncomfortable. Hands down the best book I’ve read in many years, it will inspire you to challenge the “status quo” no matter what that means in your life today.

Extreme Ownership from Jocko is a book about life that translates to all aspects of it. For those who have never heard his name Jocko is a Nave Seal and world famous motivational speaker. His particular brand of motivation is strong with a side of extremely intense.

Rich Roll is one of those stories you just can’t get enough of in todays world. He is inspirational in so many ways, this book isn’t about wealth building in a direct way but perseverance plays such a key role in life.

Investing 101 from A-Z, the intelligent investor is a wealth of knowledge. Even if you intend on solely investing in index funds long term it’s nice to understand the ins/outs of being an intelligent investor.

If you are just starting out with little to no financial knowledge there is nobody better on earth today than Dave Ramsey at setting you on a path to success. He pulls no punches and his plan isn’t my first choice for long term wealth building, but to get your wheels off the ground following his first 3 “baby steps” is a no brainer.

I was automating everything possible long before reading this book and the author makes a great case for it. We have a post all about automation from my perspective but if you want to go extremely in depth this is a great read.

Scott Trench comes at the solution from a Real Estate perspective and has achieved tremendous success at a young age. He is a key member of the Bigger Pockets online community team and they are an unparalleled resource for the burgeoning real estate investor.

Jocko is a no nonsense approach to life that if you will just listen can transform your journey to health and wealth. This book may feel like him yelling at you, but I firmly believe we all need a drill sargeant at certain points in life.

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