A movie about personal finance.


Maybe not exciting to everyone….


I talked my wife into joining me.


I know what you are thinking, pick the most mundane/argument inspiring topic in most married couples lives and watch a documentary about it… In the theatre no less!


How did I really think this would turn out??




Well, to start with – I’ll give you a little background on my wife, let’s call her Mrs. MadWealth for the sake of this article. She is an accountant by trade and runs her own firm for many years now, safe to say she understands the numbers side of things well enough to make personal finance winning an easy track. Well… She is also a SPENDER and not a natural saver. Nothing wrong with that at all and she doesn’t go after lavish things, but she can tear up the Amazon prime spree $20 at a time with the best of them.


My greatest concern in taking her to this movie (outside of her falling asleep and missing the whole thing) was that both of the characters would be 100% bought into the FI movement and she wouldn’t be able to relate at all. Like any good movie, if you can’t relate in any way to what the people are going through or identify then it’s hard to get anything tangible from the experience outside of just “seeing what they did”.


Luckily the movie was based around the journey of Scott Rieckens and his wife Taylor, as they discover the wondrous world of financial independence and make drastic life changes to appeal to it. Scott is not unlike me, entrepreneurial and seems to quickly/easily go “all in” on this new idea. Taylor, on the other hand, was very relatable to my wife, she enjoys the nicer things in life including that ideal living location and fancy vehicle.


I’m sure Scott is a great guy and I certainly hope to meet him in person and thank him for what he has done for the financial independence movement in totality – but, I left that theatre thinking “WOW am I thankful his wife Taylor played a role in this film”. Were it not for her, the movie would be – at least for many couples, an entertaining educating 90 or so minutes that stopped when it was over. Because Taylor and Scott played off each other so well though, I can really see this movie changing many lives for the better.


Why do I say that? Because my wife can relate to Taylor and I could see that without her confirming so afterward. Taylor was what I consider to be an extremely “normal” female in her late 20’s/30’s (Disclaimer: I have no idea of either her or Scotts age, pure guesswork) that seems to value her lifestyle more than her time… that is until the couple really sits down and thinks about what makes them HAPPY.


I won’t go further and spoil this movie in any way for you, right now it’s only available in select screenings which are most easily found in your local ChooseFI Facebook groups. Let’s just say it was worth the 80 minute drive to a major city and when this finally makes it to streaming platforms everywhere it will have a profound positive impact on many people and their futures.


To see the trailer check out their website directly https://www.playingwithfire.co/


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