My overnight success story explained

It all happened so fast…. said no entrepreneur I’ve personally ever met honestly.


How did you put this business together so quickly?



What business can I start to make money fast?



I want to do what you do, can you teach me?



What is the quickest way to make a million dollars?



There are plenty more of these that every successful entrepreneur get’s asked, but I wanted to give a few examples of what amount to be…



The worst imaginable questions to ask for future success. Not just bad ones, but garbage level time wasting rhetoric that has no good answer.



Did I sugarcoat that or was it abundantly clear? Just checking.



It isn’t that these questions are annoying, it’s that they have ZERO value and shouldn’t enter your mind. It’s all an ask to find an easy/quick way, of which doesn’t truly exist for 99.99% of people. I don’t personally like these questions because they waste time on both sides, finding a niche is a HUGE part of being successful in business.



But your niche can’t be my niche, and it shouldn’t be – because I probably don’t have your unique talent/in/perspective.



This should come as no shock… but you also probably don’t have mine. It’s just nature.



We all have different strengths/weaknesses that make us better suited for a certain industry/path/vocation/career/etc…. It is statistically unlikely that anyone looking to be successful will do it in the exact same manner as another guy, with few exceptions.




^ I made that Facebook status 8 years ago ^



8 years ago I was nowhere near what you would consider successful financially, but I knew one thing with certainty as evidenced by posting that quote…. I wanted to be. Badly.



And that mindset is something I firmly believe propelled me to the meager level of success I’ve achieved today. Today I work for myself, in my own business, and make my own daily schedule. I wanted to be in this position 8 years ago, but it took:












The direction I’m pointing is to show it’s an uphill climb. I had to personally climb that word mountain to get where I am, which is nowhere near where I want to be 8 years from today. It’s a process.



I didn’t get here from asking every successful person that came in my path for the easy road, or the path of least resistance. That doesn’t work for anybody. You can no doubt learn from other peoples success, anybody that says otherwise is telling a lie – but asking for the easy way is actually a quick path to nowhere.



I’m still writing my “overnight success story” on a daily basis and thoroughly enjoying sharing the journey with you guys/gals both through this website and social media. Don’t try to look for the easy road, success is hard, it should be, it will mean more in the end this way. Let the journey be fun, make it a game and enjoy this life. We only get one.



  1. Steveark on December 3, 2018 at 1:18 pm

    How true, I’ve had moderate corporate success, enough to make me independent financially and let me spend my time however I want now. But that took twenty good years to get to a high level at. I do think the progress I made in the first five years made the next 15 years of more obvious success inevitable. I bet that while it took you 8 years to get where you are that you knew after just three or four years you were going to succeed. Just like you’ll have a great next eight because you have the habbits and systems in place to make you win!

    • Beau Wilson on December 5, 2018 at 7:29 am

      Love this comment Steve, it is really true when looking back that the first few years shape the next many. It’s hard for most of us in the first few because progress is generally slow, compounding by nature takes time – and in personal finance that’s so painstakingly true. Cheers to the next 8 for us both my friend!

  2. Aaron on December 3, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Reminds me of the story of a famous painter who was in a coffee shop and someone asked him to do a drawing for them. He quickly sketched something on a napkin and said that will be $5,000. The person said $5,000?!?! That only took you a few mintues to draw! The painter replied No it took me my whole life to draw that…meaning a lifetimes experience to get to the point he is at now

    • Beau Wilson on December 5, 2018 at 7:30 am

      Absolutely awesome! Nobody get’s to see the journey, just a snapshot of the end result.

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