Motivation or Discipline

No. You don’t have to choose.

But if you did, I would say to focus on discipline all week long and twice on Sunday assuming true results are the goal.




Because motivation is like bathing as Zig Ziglar says, it’s recommended daily. Same thing with discipline but you can make that second part of your life internal. Discipline can come from structure, repetition, from within. Motivation is almost always found from an exterior source. Not to cheapen it’s value, a motivated person can always succeed but over the long run I’ll take that disciplined turtle in the race over any motivated hare for a winner.



Jocko Willink is the most famous guy out there today preaching discipline, or more aptly put in his terms, “Discipline equals Freedom”. He is absolutely correct, and I’m here to follow that up with telling you “Discipline equals TRUE FINANCIAL FREEDOM“, and if you are reading this I truly hope some version of that is your end goal.


Let’s get tactical.



Obviously, as a baseline avoiding consumer debt can help you on the path to true financial freedom, this much we all know. Not to say that all debt is the devil and in fact, you’ll almost certainly have to learn how to apply leverage at some point to 20X your results over a long period of time. But beyond that just daily life discipline that is completely unrelated to your dollars and cents can make a distinct difference in that ending wealth value.  Below are a few daily discipline building activities that will almost certainly bleed over into a more successful wealth building journey.


1. Wake up early every day of the week. FORGET about Monday-Friday! You have 7 days to chase prosperity and greatness, maximize your waking errors for all of them.


2. Do some form of exercise or body movement every day of the week when you wake up. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, a sedentary body leads to a lazy mind. Motion creates inertia. Inertia is the energy that will drive success and create more opportunities.


3. Pay attention to what is put into your body. I’m not saying you need to eat like a competitive bodybuilder or anything extreme but use common sense and stop those binge days. Health = Wealth. Look at the greatest minds in business and you’ll find healthy lifestyles as a common theme.


4. When in doubt, make that call or send that email/text message. You miss 100% of the swings that aren’t taken, so build the discipline muscle to ALWAYS take a shot at the win. You never truly know what another person or business needs until you ask. Assuming really does make an A** out of you and me. Take the leap.


5. If there is a hard way to fix a problem for your client or friend, and you think there is even a 1% chance a solution can be found. GO DOWN THAT ROAD. The habit of doing hard things for others will build discipline and open doors in your life that can’t be quantified in text. ALWAYS push the limits. Never settle.


I’m writing this just after 5 p.m. on a Friday evening, just had to share these thoughts with you all. Forward. Always in all ways.

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