Life Warrior. Be one.

What if you woke up every day for one year with a single goal in mind? CRUSH IT. BE A LIFE WARRIOR.


I have always responded well to a challenge, with the proper onset motivation it’s my personal belief that we all do. Starting as a kid, you basically only want to do what you are told not to. Basic human nature. Way less funny by the way when you have kids of your own…


But I digress, a challenge is what we are meant for. We all want to live a life full of freedom, to laugh, to love, to thoroughly enjoy each day we are blessed by god to remain on this earth. Those things are all easier to enjoy and achieve if we can just start off every day with a challenge to ourselves and achieve it.


Incremental change is truly powerful.



When most people try to make a life change for the better, especially modern day American’s (guilty as charged), we tend to try and massively change everything overnight. For example, “Starting Monday morning I will never eat carbs again in my life”. If your name is Jim or Sally and you just said that… there is a 99.99999% chance you just LIED.


Not because you didn’t have good intentions, those are rarely amiss and hardly ever to blame. In fact, if good intentions were a currency then we would almost all be wealthy (there are evil people in the world with no good intentions, I firmly believe that. See example: ISIS). But what if you made a 90 day pact with yourself to make one tiny incremental change each day, and stick with it. At the end of the time you would be much better off, and it would be far more likely that those changes would stick.



Let’s say for example it went like this:

Day 1: Walk for 10 minutes outside or on the treadmill

Day 2: Drink a protein shake for breakfast. 

Day 3: Set an automatic investment of $5 daily.

Day 4: Try to eat oatmeal that doesn’t come in a little brown sugar filled pouch. Use instant oats and cinnamon instead of sugar. 

Day 5: Drink water instead of anything else. 

Day 6: Do ten pushups after your morning walk.

Day 7: Login to your 401k and raise the contribution % by 1%.


Absolutely none of that is crazy drastic. None of that will hurt you.

None of that is even very hard to accomplish.


It’s not exciting, you won’t feel the need to brad to friends or coworkers about the “new you”. Nothing you do will be “social media worthy”. You won’t feel that urge to take a picture of every “carb free meal” and use the currently popular hashtag #KETO…. But it will make your life better.


Day 8 can be anything you want it to be. Day 9 as well. By day 365 you will become a life warrior, somebody who just has good habits and discipline that others envy. YOU WILL NOT likely be able to accomplish this by doing it all at once. I couldn’t, and just like everybody else it’s a constant struggle to maintain motivation and good habits. I am however very much the “Embrace the suck” type of guy.



Fun fact, in high school I set an alarm for 4:30 one morning and asked for a ride to the gym, I was 14 years old, my dad laughed and thought to himself “I bet you’ll get up at 4:30”. I did. And proceeded to do so for the next few years. Since then I haven’t missed two workouts in a row for 20 years straight. I’ve taken a grand total of 3 weeks off, not consecutively, and those were strategic forced recovery for my body. If I’m honest I could probably use more time off now. But I can’t mentally take it.



I want to create an army of life warriors, one step at a time. My goal with this site is to help others become both healthy and wealthy, becuase the two go hand in hand. Will you take the 7 day challenge?

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