Opinion: You grow together or apart, as planned.


Life isn’t linear, this is reflected by stock market returns as clearly as anything else in life. If you’ve ever seen a post that mentioned something along the lines of “The S&P 500 has returned 10% for _____ number of years on average” what that nice little nugget of information fails to convey is… That return probably looked something like this hypothetical example below:


2008 – Minus 37%

2009 – Positive 2%

2010 – Positive 11%



Those are not real numbers, but a simple illustration of how life can be lumpy even when you have the best laid plans. Each year my wife and I meet to discuss our upcoming resolutions, this year we did a brief autopsy on years past. It helps to stay on the same page as your spouse if you want to stay married long term, but this much is obvious.


I’ll start out the portion of this article dedicated to Bezos with the simple fact I have tremendous respect for what he’s accomplished and absolutely no idea about his personal life. His example is just that, a simple headline in the news today that makes it easier to illustrate ones point of view. Purely an opinion.


To just say Amazon was  a tremendous success would be an understatement, he is literally the richest man on planet earth at this point. By a margin that 10 years ago nobody thought would be possible to attain, in net worth tracking world it’s the ultimate statistical anomaly. Bill Gates changed computing for everyone, Bezos changed “how you buy almost every item in your life” for many people. It’s profound when you think about it, and that is the “tip of the iceberg” in explanation terms.


I will invite you to imagine how difficult your annual goal setting meeting would be with an example of satire.


Imagine the first goal of each person at their annual meeting going something like this:


Bezos wife: I want to lose 5lbs and really watch my eating in 2019.

Bezos: I want to accelerate my spaceships timeline to stay ahead of Musk, maintain 20% growth or better at Amazon, disrupt the healthcare industry with our platform in a way nobody sees coming, and find a way to colonize pluto.


That probably didn’t happen of course, but imagine how hard it would be to line up goals that are soooooo vastly different? One person changed the way North America shops on a daily basis and the other is attempting to lead a semi normal life. Sounds impossible if you ask me.


Divorce is a terrible thing, I don’t wish it on anybody and though they certainly deserve privacy I am not the one “breaking this news” so to speak. I just want you to think about the impact of being on the same page in a non linear life, and how evolving over time is key to that working. Goalcasting in this context is just planning cast in a better light, hopefully with more clarity and a more clear end goal. Over time we will all evolve, that is simply human nature. You can goal cast with your spouse, best friend, business partner, etc…. But remember that any partnership must adapt and evolve over time to continue being successful and functional.

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