Almost every article these days will tell you that the 9-5 life of an employee won’t get you the kind of success most people dream of, it’s repeated ad nauseam that most of the Forbes list is self-employed.

Those articles are correct. Boring conclusion this early? Stick with me and find out why they are both right and wrong on this one.

I’m a huge believer in 9-5 as the foundational solution to most peoples problems because it all boils down to discipline and diligent hard work. But I’m already working 9-5 and not seeing any kind of success you say? What gives? Time, time gives.

One thing we are all limited to, no matter your talent/skill/background/net worth/etc… is a finite amount of time every day.

86,400. That is all you get. That is all I get. No more. No less. Swan song.

That is the amount of seconds we all have in any given day to make progress. To get ahead. To change your situation for the better.

Right now you might be thinking “thank you for that nice little factoid but what does this have to do with 9-5?”

The answer to that is not doing what you already do today which is work 9-5, but change what you are likely doing at night. Stop staying up late watching TV or browsing Facebook. Go to sleep and get up early, then seize the day!


Yes, the secret to making 9-5 work for you is becoming someone who sleeps 9-5.

How does this help me?

  • Discipline. If you can create this discipline in your life it will resonate throughout other parts of your daily/weekly/monthly routine in a positive way. Getting up early is the ultimate discipline, the harder it is for you in the beginning the better. Sounds harsh but if you can beat this monster more effective precious time awaits.


  • Most day jobs start at 9 a.m. (hence the 9-5 people refer to), your day starts at 5. You have 4 hours to get your morning workout in, work on that side hustle, cook a healthy breakfast, read that personal finance book you’ve been putting off, setup that automated investment account, etc… What you likely won’t do is sit on the couch and surf FB or binge watch TV. Luckily there is nothing on TV at that time (BONUS) and when you push yourself hard to wake up early you’ll find that you want a reward for it. You naturally won’t want to “waste” that time like you would have at night, because it was hard to come by.


  • You are going to sleep early and waking up early, after a few short months you will likely realize you don’t need that expensive monthly cable tv plan. This time it won’t be that you are trying to “save money and do without” like when you last thought about being a cord cutter. No, this time it will be because you aren’t getting any value out of the product. When you don’t get any use or value out of a service it’s easier to shut it off and leave it off, added bonus of 1-2 thousand per year in your savings/investment/debt payoff plan.


  • Remember all those times you claimed to be “getting on a plan” and “starting a new diet/exercise routine” but never stuck with it? This time it WILL be different. Not because you magically changed and woke up a different person with unlimited willpower and a tenacious ferocity for all things fitness. It will be different because you developed a deep rooted daily life discipline and created more time in the day for yourself. It won’t be a matter of “I’m feeling tired this afternoon, work really wiped me out today. I’ll skip the gym and hit the drive thru”. You will have already gotten the gym out of the way first thing and eaten a healthy breakfast. The building blocks of a healthy days foundation will have been laid down already. You will look at yourself in the mirror after a month and repeat “This time will be different. This time IS different”.


Recovering the “lost” time

This plan is 7 days a week. Don’t freak out, in a months’ time you won’t even think about sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday anymore.


  1. Aaron Stewart on July 4, 2018 at 9:25 am

    Great article. I am building my 9-5 habit and really enjoying it. I am spending my mornings exercising and cooking up a nice breakfast before work at 8am. Let’s me start the day with a clear head and feeling great

  2. Aaron Stewart on July 4, 2018 at 9:51 am

    Great article. I am starting my 9-5 routine and really enjoying it. I spend my morning with a great workout and cook a healthy breakfast. I start my day clear headed and feeling good.

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