Comfort Zones Are Everywhere


This may seem counterintuitive that comfort is a bad thing, but it really is the enemy of success in almost every case. As I type this article my brain is running in a million different directions and I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable. This is not a hardship situation, it’s a good kind of discomfort (if such a thing exists) and I’m trying to step outside of my mind for perspective.

What is causing this discomfort? Having a complex life, that is basically all. I choose not to live simply, my household has a lot going on due to various business ventures and I choose to insource many tasks. We are about to embark on a Disney cruise for my kids, nothing bad at all and my wife/children are overjoyed in a frenzy to get out the door. It’s chaos. While they are doing that I’m trying to tie up last minute business ends so that I spend less of the trip on my phone and more of it with them. This isn’t a lack of preparation, businesses need attention daily (like bathing, it’s not a one and done thing). I’m working on many deals currently that are like living organisms in a way – they aren’t straightforward and the terms are continually in negotiation that in most cases require me to be engaged.


Why is this a good thing?


I’m stepping outside of my mind to remember I am blessed to be this stressed right now. I had to work very hard to be this uncomfortable in leaving for a short time and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My goal is true financial freedom, nothing less. That requires doing things many/most other people just won’t do. But in my eyes being uncomfortable is worth it.


Think about the things that aren’t comfortable but are still great for you to do. Here is a short list of things that you won’t hear:


  • Eating healthy, when is the last time you woke up and said “Broccoli and boiled chicken would be awesome to have today”. The saying isn’t “Wake up and smell the egg whites!” is it?
  • Going to the Gym and working on your fitness. Nobody ever said “these burpees are sooooo fun! How about another 100 of them today please!”.
  • Delaying pleasure and investing in the market is exciting! I love staring at that brand new Apple stock certificate while I read my nightly book.
  • I love spending weekends looking for the perfect rental property!



Those are just a few great things to do that aren’t likely going to induce comfort but will enhance your life. Forget Netflix and chill. Let’s read and achieve!


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