Check out these guys:

Is this the end all be all list? Absolutely not, every individual will resonate with a different approach to personal finance (hence the word “personal”). With that said many people enter into the world of paying attention to their financial life with no idea where to start looking – so let me help with a short and simple directory of useful spots.


Dave Ramsey:

Dave can cover your financial life from soup to nuts and it is as simple as the day is long. He is on over 500 radio stations at the time of this writing and without question you likely know somebody who is working/has worked his plan. The 7 baby steps are just simple, if you want a one stop shop to get started he is your man.

Clark Howard:

This man is the frugal king of the personal finance world in a broad scope. I’m not talking about live in your cousins basement for life/holes in the socks insane frugal but he’s a coupon champion and has good basic advice on an ongoing basis.

Early Retirement/Financial Independence Movement Champions:

Mr. Money Mustache:

Pete is a guy who takes extreme to the extreme through what he refers to as “badassity”. He will show you a path to retire in short order by saving most of your income, which may also require you to amputate the Mercedes and ride a bicycle everywhere you go. The financial advice is plenty sound albeit extreme and this guy is the sucker punch of the FIRE world. I enjoy his writing, YMMV.

The Mad FiEntist:

Brandon is different in that you can take great/very complex financial information from his website (including how to withdraw from your retirement before reaching the necessary age) and also listed to the podcast to get a multitude of personalities.

J Money (Budgets are sexy):

This gentleman is your “laid back, dude version” of the personal finance world. The “reason for the season” from what I gather is he will be a refreshing look from the seemingly math riddled/stodgy world that is associated with personal finance. It starts with the crazy hair and gets very practical while keeping it easy to understand for the most part.

Radical Personal Finance:

You would take this one in via podcast. He’s a very serious guy that pulls few punches and will tell you how it is. Sharp and confident in his delivery, Joshua will play no games and lay it on you. The information reaches from basic to very intricate and if you like serious intel you will enjoy it.

Afford Anything:

Paula is a real estate expert that is on the way to FI in a very different way than most, which is to say “not only via index funds”. Contrary to that approach it’s a good fun blog that allows for more of a splurge than the other guys will say you can have via the moniker “You can’t afford everything, but you can afford anything”. I always thought that was a nice contrast to the FIRE mindset of scorched earth until that last day you leave the office (some of us like work).

Rockstar Finance

This is hands down the best personal finance blog directory site on the interwebs today. You can discover all kinds of new bloggers there with infinite wisdom to share, we are honored to be listed as well.

Millenial Money Man:

This is definitely geared toward the younger millennial crowd, and not just in title. His claim to fame is knocking out serious student loan debt with speed. Great easy reads on this one and plenty of information for somebody getting started plus I’m confident Bobby is a good guy in general.



Great couple of guys that cover all the topics of “FI” from basic to complex.


From a Real Estate starting point they delve into all aspects of financial independence in depth.

MFCEO Project:

Do you want practical advice from a successful entrepreneur with a side of hardcore/take no prisoners motivation? Andy Frisella is your man with his podcast.