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The ultimate currency in life is not money….

It also isn’t a gold watch, in case you were wondering (but I do rather enjoy this one).   The ultimate currency in life is one that is finite, no matter who you are – where you are – what you do – or how much money you have this one puts us all on…

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Embrace The 9-5 Life Repetition For Success

  Almost every article these days will tell you that the 9-5 life of an employee won’t get you the kind of success most people dream of, it’s repeated ad nauseam that most of the Forbes list is self-employed. Those articles are correct. Boring conclusion this early? Stick with me and find out why they…

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Most Important Thing

Q: What is the most important thing I should know about starting a business to be successful? I’ve been an entrepreneur in some capacity or another for over a decade and when I talk to anybody about business this is the most common question. You see, everybody, EVERYBODY, either has an idea or has had…

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