I know that few people remember that childhood story and think of applying it in your everyday life. We live in a FAST world, few people plan past tomorrow or the next weekend. With the exception of vacations, most people don’t plan in advance for anything in life. But the few who do can prosper beyond belief. They can be the turtle – act life the turtle – and become a “Turtle Master”.


Long term thinking on a daily basis is key.




If you have ever read any article about personal finance or wealth building then you are already aware of the powers of compound interest. But in the even you aren’t, let me humor you with the following illustrations to prove it’s power.




Small Scale Example Above





Large Scale Example Above



It may take you some time to reach that initial $100,000 investment but as you can see, the numbers get much more exciting as time goes on – and this is not assuming you continue to add into this equation. Maybe your savings life has to be that of a hare for a few years to make the initial investment happen, but the compounding turtle does an amazing job over 40 years doesn’t he?



Being the turtle works in other aspects of life as well



I started lifting weights around age 15, very consistently, and continue to do so until today at age 34. Nothing radical during that time frame, just consistent dedication and ongoing discipline. I’m no champion bodybuilder, but by the same token am very proud of what I’ve built and continue to build. From a workout perspective I’m the turtle.



People have asked me in the gym for many years if I was naturally a big guy and “what does your diet look like?”, questions along those lines. You see, it’s no different than your financial life.


Success leaves clues, I was a tiny skinny kid around age 14 – and this predates cameras on phones so there aren’t’ many decent pictures that prove it from that point of my life. But recently in a high school facebook group post somebody posted this picture of me when I was around 16 years old. SKINNY, and I had already been working out for some time to reach this level of weakling. I thought this picture taken by our kids on the plan ride to disney in June offers a decent contrast, see below:





I realize this isn’t an ideal physique for everybody, but that’s also not the point. I chose to start a life long journey and the sum gain of incremental change is undeniable. Over time, the tiny strength and muscle gains compounded. Now 19 years later my workout journey is an overnight success story.



Hopefully you see the humor in that last line, I’m not where I want to be by any means but we are also a long way from the start. In that aspect of life I’m mastering the turtle mentality. So what do you think, Turtle your way to wealth and prosperity?


  1. Steveark on November 2, 2018 at 2:46 pm

    Great points but I don’t think I will ever appreciate that fable. In every sport (except curling) speed wins. And even your lifting was likely more rigorous than most. A real turtle would just keep bench pressing 75 lbs his whole life. The truth is slow and steady wins nothing. Hard, fast and steady wins every time.

    • Beau Wilson on November 5, 2018 at 7:58 am

      You aren’t wrong, speed definitely thrills my friend. My weights did increase over time, but more through natural evolution versus a mindful plan to do so. Steady is my point, which no doubt you have under control. Thanks for reading the article, really appreciate it!

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