Who writes this and why?

My business has done over 100 Million.
Let me help you succeed!

MadWealth exists to discuss personal finance with a focus on optimization in every reasonable way. My name is Beau Wilson and I’m an entrepreneur in my early 30’s with a passion for helping others understand personal finance and how to really WIN with it.

I was always good at making money through my career but only a handful of years ago got laser focused on KEEPING and INVESTING more of what I earned. Along the way I learned that most people think they are doing “ok” with their financial life but really don’t understand how it all works and lack a plan to succeed. Starting with my local friends and family I’ve learned my passion is helping others get on the path to wealth building and create their own legacy!

It’s important to point out my core business is NOT teaching you how to “get rich quick online” or chase the “next big investment idea” – a general rule of thumb is you should only take advice from someone who’s been out in the marketplace and made it on their own. My foundation is in the HR Outsourcing space and that’s still a business I’m heavily involved in today.

As a naturally curious guy I started asking my friends and family money questions over the years and it seems like everybody had one common theme… they almost ALL know how to make money (earn an income of some sort at least), but virtually NOBODY has a plan to keep any of it around and build meaningful wealth.

Anyone can make money. I’ll show you how to keep it.

It’s no secret that American’s as a whole spend more than they make and save any potential scraps but a few simple lifestyle changes and a little bit of paying attention really can make all the difference. For most people Financial Independence and Early Retirement sound like a pipe dream. Once I learned how quickly it could become a reality for almost anybody this is something I felt passionate about sharing and discussing.

I will write about both entrepreneurial and practical everyday life topics on a regular basis, we will even cover starting new businesses and angel/venture investing to a degree. Almost anybody who is an employee at any company can benefit from approaching each day with an entrepreneurial mindset and plan, so if you think this isn’t for you… it IS!