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I know what you are thinking…. What does this have to do with personal finance? I’ll get there, but first, let me share my opinion and experience with the program.


This program has everything to do with creating more discipline in your everyday life and really nothing to do with fitness or finances… BUT – it will profoundly affect all aspects of your life, including fitness and finances if you follow it and allow the changes to take place every day.


First of all, let’s start with “What is 75HARD”?


It is a program created by successful entrepreneur Andy Frisella that is meant to instill the mental toughness that it takes to win in all aspects of life, including (but not limited to) Business – Finances – Fitness – Relationships.


That is kind of a tall order when you think about it or read the explanation out loud, isn’t it? Somewhat like saying “the only thing this program will change is EVERYTHING!



At first glance, it seems really simple – just follow a diet with ZERO cheat or compromise for 75 days straight.


Workout twice a day, one of those times being outside (rain/sleet/snow/heat/doesn’t matter, must do it) for at least 45 minutes each.


Drink no alcohol.


Read 10 pages fo a book to improve yourself (no fiction).


Drink a gallon of water.


Take a progress picture.


Do all of those things every day, without fail, or start over on day one.


I realize that if you are not someone who already works out or reads, this will absolutely change your life drastically and be extremely difficult to achieve. That is a given. But what if you already do most of that, like me? Is it still worth doing this challenge?


I’m on day 54 and the answer is a resounding YES!


So what changed for me? I already worked out every day, read, had at least a gallon of water, didn’t really drink alcohol (few times per quarter at most, glass of wine with the wife or similar), and really watched what I ate for the most part…..


So how did this change me?


Dramatically so far, and I’ll gladly share the specifics.


I’ve been an indoor office guy for well over a decade, this forced outside cardio time feels great! I’m getting plenty of sun now, skin is tan, and I just enjoy the weather even in rain or blistering heat as crazy as that sounds. I welcome it!


I paid attention to my foods, but the cheat meals were more frequent than I took into account and the cardio was a minimal 20 minutes daily.


What difference does that make? I started in the mid 260’s and weighed in at 238 this morning. My resting heart rate is in the high 50’s now and steadily declining, energy levels are mostly through the roof with or without caffeine and my cardio capability is wildly different. Hills that would leave me breathless in the beginning I now tackle with 30lb rucksacks in tow…. and run up them fairly quickly.


I won’t lie, eating a pizza from mellow mushroom still crosses my mind but I haven’t even came close to cheating on my diet, the mental game is just dialed in.


How has this changed my business life? I’m more focused and in turn, getting more things done for the big picture. Just this week we added another duplex and single family home to the portfolio, both of which will generate solid cash flow from day 1 with existing tenants in place.


Making sure I read at least 10 pages has netted finishing several books, because I rarely sit down and just read 10 – that is the minimum now in my mind, I just stop at a good stopping point.


Suffice to say that these relatively small life changes are netting a large impact for me personally, and I’m not coming off of the couch into this program by any means. So imagine if you are reading this and currently doing none of those things how far it could take you?


What could you accomplish? How far can you reach?


In closing I have to say a huge thank you to Andy Frisella for creating this program, this is a gentleman that has reached levels of success that are unfathomable to most guys – yet he still creates content and programs at no cost to better the world.


If you would like to support him, as I do, links to his website and company are below:



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