It’s 2020, day 1. Everybody has a plan in mind. Something new. A better path. A plan.


There is nothing wrong with resolutions, other than the little fact that statistically 86% of people don’t stick with them for more than two weeks. Which really makes them less like a “resolution” and more like a “short term endeavor”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be in the camp of doing anything good versus nothing at all being a positive…. But if you can find a way to execute a few less vague things in those 2 weeks of motivation it can have a lasting impact all year.


This doesn’t leave the door open for long term commitments such as the usual “eat healthy” or “lost weight”, but you can make some major year-long changes in short order by using that short term New Years’ motivation to accomplish some short term goals.


I’m going to list a few that have been beneficial and were planned/executed/still being finished in my own life that have been quick/easy/useful to life on a daily basis with an impact that will undoubtedly last all year.


  1. Clean out the closet, but not in the usual way you think of it. I’m talking about going hardcore and if you haven’t worn it in the past year, the item is GONE! I had a few keepsakes from the high school days, some trendy clothing that has long been out of favor, and in general a plethora of clutter that was more in my way than ever thought possible. it wasn’t easy to get the ball rolling, but once the purge was well underway the right mindset took over and it was all things gone. This was about 2 weeks ago and every day I walk in the closet the feeling is GREAT!

                                             ^That may not look like much in a picture, but it was all                                                               donated to a local church and to me it’s a huge win/win.


2. You know I wasn’t going to get through an entire post without talking about your money. Go back and make sure all your automatic investments are still on par with 2020’s goals.

Life changes every year, and if you are only going to look at it one time – this is the chance to set it and not worry again for the year (if you are reading this post, I’ll assume you’ll still worry. But still go over everything while motivation is fresh).


3. Once my closet was cleaned out, that lite feeling became addictive – and my first thought was “what else can go?”. This is a much bigger commitment, but I’ll venture that most people who have lived in their home 3 years or more would benefit greatly from it.

Call a local dumpster rental company and have them drop off a 15/20/30 yard dumpster depending on your needs…. and FILL it up! Clear out the garage, your storage room, the attic, anywhere else you find clutter… TOSS IT!

We have gone scorched earth and that “lite” feeling just keeps getting better. Everybody will have different needs, but a 20 yard did the trick for my family nicely.


4. This one assumes you have built up a good daily reading habit via 75 Hard or any other solid habit-building process. The next book needs to be outside your usual genre, for me, it’s going to be about an ultramarathon runner named Rich Roll who has an incredible success story.


This is outside of my normal/comfortable personal finance type of books and ultra running is far from anything that someone my size should have any interest in. It’s a way to force yourself to think differently, and that’s a key component for anybody looking to make changes in 2020.


5. Utilize the power of compounding in all aspects of your life, this might seem grandiose but it doesn’t have to be. One of the most useful pieces of advice I took in during 2019 was that compounding takes place in every aspect of your day, little things add up.

Forget a crazy strict diet or daily 3 mile run, park in the back of every parking lot you attend and make the walk inside that many more steps.

Eat the same meal, just cut the portion in half automatically when you put it on a plate.

If you haven’t set up automatic investing, do that, but start with just $5 a day.

Don’t already have a good reading habit? Read 5 pages every night before you go to sleep instead of surfing Instagram or Facebook.

Daily Starbucks habit? Don’t stop immediately, but order one size smaller for a change (this one is health and wealth, so it matters even if you are like me and just drink black coffee).


Nothing in these 5 will take you longer than the first two motivational weeks of 2020 to get started or in many cases completely accomplished, and with few exceptions, we would all be better off for doing so. One of my personal goals for the year is to write more, so if you enjoy these articles please reach out and help me stay accountable.


Also, don’t take this post as a downer if you already wrote down some HUGE 2020 goals. I’m of the mindset that anybody can accomplish anything with the correct drive/planning/motivation. But because statistics don’t lie I felt these few things in my world may help yours as well.


Cheers to a great 2020 from my family to yours!



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